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Our department conducts clinical treatment studies in the general area of mood disorders, with specific emphases in the areas of depression, suicidal ideation and behavior, bipolar disorder, severe mental illness, perinatal depression, and men's experiences with depression.

Our website is divided into a number of sections to better serve your needs. If you are interested in participating in a continuing clinical treatment study, or have a loved one who may be eligible for such a study, we encourage you to visit our Study Recruitment Page. If you are looking for information about mood disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, or suicidal behavior, feel free to visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page. If you are looking for additional mental health resources, you may find our Treatment Resources page to be of assistance. If you are interested in our research, trainees, faculty and staff, or publication history, our Faculty, Trainee, and Staff pages may meet your needs. If you have any additional questions or concerns not answered here, feel free to Contact Us.


Welcome to the Psychosocial Research Program at Butler Hospital!