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Natasha Haradhvala


Research Assistant

Pomona College (2012)

Research Interests

Natasha received her BA in Psychology with a minor in English from Pomona College in 2012. As an undergraduate, she spent three years working as a research assistant in the Child Attachment, Relationships, and Emotions Laboratory and co-founded an activist group dedicated to eradicating the stigma against mental illness. For her thesis project, she conducted an empirical study of eating disordered women investigating the link between personal relationship styles and the various functions served by eating disordered behaviors. She presented this study, titled “Pathological Eating Behaviors in the Service of Relationship Avoidance,” at the annual Western Psychological Association conference in San Francisco.

In the future, Natasha intends to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. Natasha joined the Psychosocial Research Department in September 2012.