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Tanya Tran, Ph.D.


Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Pennsylvania, B.A. (2004)
University of Miami, Ph.D. (2012)
Clinical Internship – Boston Consortium (2011 - 2012)

Research Interests

The primary goal of my research is to gain a better understanding of how cognitive processes and individual differences in emotion regulation (ER) increase vulnerability to, maintain, and hinder recovery from unipolar mood disorders. By studying cognitive factors which contribute to the onset and maintenance of depression, I also hope to develop more effective treatment and prevention programs. Recent projects include examining the effects of a cognitive bias modification paradigm (i.e., interpretation training) on memory and emotional vulnerability, as well as using ecological momentary assessment methods to examine the impact of rumination via Facebook on emotional well-being.

Selected Publications

Tran, T., Siemer, M., & Joormann, J. (2011). Implicit interpretation biases affect emotional vulnerability: A training study. Cognition and Emotion, 25, 546-58.

Tran, T., Hertel, P., & Joormann, J. (2011). Cognitive bias modification: Induced interpretive biases affect memory. Emotion, 11, 145-52.

Joormann, J., & Tran, T. (2009). Rumination and intentional forgetting of emotional material. Cognition and Emotion, 23, 1233-1246.

Johnson, S., & Tran, T. (2007). Bipolar disorder: What can psychotherapists learn from the cognitive research? Journal of Clinical Psychology, 63, 425-432.

Reilly-Harrington, N., Deckersbach, T., Knauz, R., Wu, Y., Tran, T., Eidelman, P., Lund, H., Sachs, G., & Nierenberg, A. (2007). Cognitive-behavioral therapy for rapid-cycling bipolar disorder: A pilot study. Journal of Psychiatric Practice, 13, 291-297.

Hunt, M., Bylsma, L., Brock, J., Fenton, M., Goldberg, A., Miller, R., Tran, T., & Urgelles, J. (2006). The role of imagery in the maintenance and treatment of snake fear. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 37, 283-98.

Ostacher, M.J., Nierenberg, A.A., Perlis, R.H., Eidelman, P., Borrelli, D.J., Tran, T., Marzilli Ericson, G., Weiss, R.D., & Sachs, G.S. (2006). The relationship between smoking and suicidal behavior, comorbidity, and course of illness in bipolar disorder. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 67, 1907-11.