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Gary Epstein-Lubow, M.D.


Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice

Assistant Unit Chief, Geriatrics, Butler Hospital

Vassar College, BA (1989)
The Ohio State University, College of Medicine, MD (1997)
General Psychiatry Residency – Brown University (2002)
Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship – Brown University (2003)
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship – Brown University (2005)

Brown University Research Website

Brown Medical School Webpage

Research Interests

Dr. Lubow’s current primary research goal is to develop psychosocial treatments for elderly hospitalized patients with cognitive impairment. Dr. Lubow has previously directed research and collaborated on projects seeking to better characterize the nature of complex neuropsychiatric illness and its effects on family caregivers. In his university teaching role, Dr. Lubow supervises general psychiatry residents, geriatric psychiatry fellows and geriatric medicine fellows and recently served as co-director of the Alpert Medical School’s Scholarly Concentration in Contemplative Studies.

Selected Publications

Epstein-Lubow G, Hochstadt J, Lieberman P, Kaplan GB: Speech Production in Schizophrenia: Preliminary Data Regarding Voice Onset Time. Schizophrenia Research, 2006 Feb, V 82, N 2-3, pgs 267 – 269.

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